Vegas 2018 - The Super Test!

2018 was the first time we sent a team from 5.0 Melbourne to Las Vegas to test and compete. And we did great!! In total 7 of us went - Myself, Shane Parker, James Lyon, David Johns, Jesse-Leigh Boskovski, Jack Boskovski and Charlie Boskovski - and most of us brought back new rank and trophies. Jack and Charlie did not test, owing to the fact that there is no junior test held at the Vegas camp, but they performed exceptionally well in the tournament. These are the test results for everyone else ...

Tony Angus - 6th Degree Black Belt (Professor of the Arts)

Shane Parker - 2nd Degree Black Belt (Associate Instructor)

James Lyon - 1st Degree Black Belt (Junior Instructor)

Jesse-Leigh Boskovski - 1st Degree Black Belt (Junior Instructor)

David Johns - 1st Degree Black Belt (Junior Instructor)

A whole contingent of Aussies travelled to the US this year and our matching T-shirts made us look like the strong, cohesive team we are!! There were too many great results to announce, but it's worth highlighting a few outstanding efforts, including ...

Martin Gosling - 5th Degree Black Belt (Associate Professor)

Lauren Campbell - 5th Degree Black Belt (Associate Professor)

Don Woods - 4th Degree Black Belt (Senior Instructor)

Suzanne Woods - 4th Degree Black Belt (Senior Instructor)

Congratulations to these amazing Kenpo people and school owners. Even Mr Speakman formally tested for his 9th Degree Black Belt. Inspirational!!

Then came the tournament and the gang did me proud!! We acquitted ourselves very well among a very tough and skilled group of competitors and came home with a number of trophies!!

Then came the formal night where the entertainment was great fun and included some tough Grand Championship competition in forms, self-defence and sparring. I was honoured to have been asked to judge these events, other than Mr Parker's sparring bout against eventual winner Artour Martyrosian. Mr Parker acquitted himself admirably against a larger, higher-ranked and more seasoned fighter. Congratulations!!

All in all it was a wonderful celebration of Kenpo 5.0, conducted in the family spirit that marks this ever-expanding global martial arts brand and we were thrilled to have been part of it.

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