5.0 Seniors Training Weekend

Another seniors training weekend was held this past weekend; this time Sydney. A large number of people participated in this training intensive and we were pleased to have been able to offer the experience to our junior black belts for the first. The idea is simply to get the senior ranks together once every quarter to go over the syllabus and enhance each other's understanding and appreciation of the 5.0 material. And to HAVE FUN!!!

This time it was particularly important for several of the group to get some good training in, as they will be testing to their next ranks in Las Vegas in 3 weeks. They include...

David Giovenco (5th Degree)

Martin Gosling (4th Degree)

Cameron Hunt (2nd Degree), and

Troy May (1st Degree)

After training on the first day (Saturday May 30) we went back to Martin Gosling's where we had about a hundred pizzas (there were about 15 of us there!!), a thousand beers and a million laughs!!! We even Skyped Kathy Little in Las Vegas at 1.30 am our time. The earliest to bed was Nicole Gosling, who lasted til about 10pm and then I was next at about 2.15am. Some weren't in bed until after 4am!!

Day two saw another huge effort from all concerned after a rather late and much-needed breakfast! (It's all about the food!) In the end we all walked away knowing that this is not only a fantastic time with the best people, but also the only way to ensure that our skills remain sharp! Thanks to Martin and Nicole for hosting this weekend.

Sydney Seniors 0515 .jpg

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