Why Kenpo 5.0?

There are many arts out there ... MANY!! Choosing an art to which to dedicate yourself is not easy and it's even more difficult if you're new to the arts. The best way to start is to answer a handful of very simple questions. And here they are ...

1. "What is my motivation?" You have to ask yourself why you're even bothering to search for a place to train. Do you want to get fit? Do you want to defend yourself in the street or enter the ring or cage? Is it the discipline of the arts that appeals to you or the chance to enter tournaments and win trophies?

Each of these reason is perfectly valid, but the answer will lead you in different directions. For example, if you chose fitness, you could go to a kickboxing or Muay Thai gym and sweat a lot. Tae Kwon Do, performed at a reasonably high level will also get you fit, owing to the amount of kicking included. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will get you fit and strong, especially in the core.

Here at Kenpo 5.0 we pride ourselves on our physical workouts and try to make every session count by performing many cardio and strength exercises to build our bodies and increase the endurance required to do good Kenpo for a long period of time.

If you chose defending yourself in the street as your motivation then you need to search for a realistic, dirty, aggressive art. Those arts can be found anywhere, but be careful. The arts that can truly claim to be effective on the street MUST focus on combinations of stand-up and ground fighting. They MUST combine hand and foot striking as well as dealing with weapons attacks. They also must acknowledge that there is a huge difference between training in the studio (dojo) and actually defending onesself against a motivated, possibly drug-affected attacker on the street.

Here at Kenpo 5.0 we include stand-up and ground defence. We combine low level kicking skills with dynamic hand striking to vulnerable targets. We are, in fact, renowned for our striking. We are a contemporary art that does not focus on what worked decades ago, but works on the street today.

If you want to get trophies, we have numerous 5.0 Fighter tournaments that you can attend in order to challenge your training and skill against competitors from other schools around the world.

2. The next question you must ask is, "Do I want to dedicate myself?" Kenpo 5.0 is NOT for the faint-hearted, nor is it for the part-time, come-every-now-and-then person ... the Partial Artist. There is an immense amount to learn in Kenpo 5.0 and you have to want to do that. There are many arts that you can wander along to and not be asked a lot. You can kick pads all night at some places and punch bags all day at others. You can sweat plenty and learn little if that's what you want. Sorry, we don't offer that.

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3. Lastly, you must ask yourself how far you are willing to travel to attend a good school. Kenpo 5.0 is a great art, but we exist only in the northern corridor of Melbourne and, as much as I'd love to own schools in your neighbourhood, I just don't have the time. So, if you want to come along to our school and learn a great art, you'll have to find your way to Brunswick or Tullamarine. When you do you'll find the best people training together and having a great time!! We are part of a global family and you will be made part of that family.

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