Our Instructors

Mr. Jeff Speakman


9th Degree Black Belt, Mr. Jeff Speakman is our Head Instructor from the United States.  Mr. Speakman began his study of the martial arts during his college years, under Grand Master Lou Angel, in a style called Goju-ryu.  Master Angel promoted him to third-degree black belt before sending him to California to study with Kenpo Grand Master, Ed Parker. During this time Mr. Speakman was also encouraged to pursue an acting career. This culminated in his first movie, “The Perfect Weapon,” which showcased the American Kenpo system.

In 1993 Mr. Speakman was recognized as Instructor of the Year by Black Belt magazine for his attempts to promote Kenpo unity. The way Mr. Speakman teaches is based on the concept that a good martial arts teacher is one who allows his or her students to discover themselves. He demands the highest standards from his representatives all over the world and we are very proud to be a part of this organization.


Mr Speakman is also combat instructor to the FBI, DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency), US Border Control, US Sky Marshals, Homeland Security and the California State Penitentiary System.

Tony Angus


Tony has been training in the martial arts since 1981 and in Kenpo since 1984.  He currently holds the rank of 5th Degree Black Belt under Mr Speakman.


Moving from Bendigo in central Victoria to Colorado, USA,  in 1984, Tony found himself without a place to train, so he dropped in on a local Kenpo school and thus began his journey in, and love for, this incredible art.  He brought Kenpo to Victoria in 1987 and almost every Kenpo Black Belt in Victoria owes his/her start to Tony.


A former Victoria Police member and weapons and tactics instructor to Victoria Police personnel, Tony has an extensive training background.  He is now the owner/operator of TACT (Tony Angus Corporate Training), a training company specialising in Conflict Management and Critical Incident Management training and consultancy for large and small corporate and government organisations.  His knowledge of self defence theory and practice, combined with comprehensive understanding of the legislation that underpins the use of force, makes Tony one of the most sought after trainers in his field.


The Kenpo 5.0 Australia Team


We are blessed to have a fantastic national team of school owners, each of whom is dedicated to ensuring that you get what you desire from your Kenpo 5.0 training experience.  Contact each of them on the numbers below ...


Mr David Giovenco - Sydney (5th Degree Black Belt / Australian JSK 5.0 Rep)

P: 0424 188 510

E: sydcitykenpo@optusnet.com.au

Mr Martin Gosling - MacArthur (4th Degree Black Belt)

P: 0404 277 858

E: achievemartialarts@gmail.com

Mr Don Woods and Mrs Suzanne Woods - Brisbane (3rd Degree Black Belts)

P: 0418 709 039

E: jskk_queensland@bigpond.com

Mr Jeremy Rosenstrauss - St Peters (2nd Degree Black Belt)

P: 0433756778

E: info@jsk50stpeters.com